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Barbara Nichols has the unique expertise of a Broker, a licensed General Contractor and expert witness, with a Masters in Business from Cornell University.

Why Barbara Nichols is the Right Choice as Your Real Estate Broker in Southern California

  • Education and Intelligence matter in this business.  Barbara has a Masters in Business from Cornell University.  She is also a licensed Broker, not a sales agent, and has operated her own company, Nichols Real Estate & General Contracting for 30 years.

  • Barbara is also a licensed General Contractor in California.  She can provide information to clients on renovations, permits and other contracting issues.

  • Getting a sale done, or a purchase, at the right price requires negotiation skills and Barbara is trained in negotiation techniques.

  • Barbara has been an expert witness in real estate litigation for many years and knows how agents get themselves and their clients into legal trouble and how to avoid it.  She has written a book published by McGraw Hill, entitled "The No Lawsuit Guide to Real Estate Transactions."

  • Clients deal with Barbara.  She does not pass off her clients to assistants or teams who are less experienced.  You receive her personal attention throughout the transaction.

  • Barbara is a member of the National Association of Realtors, The Greater Los Angeles Association of Realtors and served for many years on the Professional Standards Committee.  She has the highest ethical standards.

  • ABC, Fox News, Dow Jones Financial and The Los Angeles Times have interviewed Barbara regarding real estate issues.

Barbara Specializes in single family, condominium and apartment building sales and purchase.


"Barbara was instrumental in helping me sell a condo in a building with deferred maintenance.  She is patient when necessary, but she aggressively pushed during negotiations in order to close at my asking price.  I'm so grateful I had her representing me.

Jenny Jue

"When mold was discovered in my condo sale, I did not know what to do to deal with it, the HOA and buyer.  Barbara knew exactly what to do to properly represent my interest in a difficult transaction other agents would have walked away from."

Marlene Gurdin


Why Barbara Nichols is the Right Choice as Your Real Estate Expert Witness

  • If you need another attorney on your case who does not actually sell any real estate, manage any property, represent owners or tenants, or actually engage in the real estate profession, or hasn't for many years, there are other experts you can call upon.  However, if you are in need of a competent and experienced real estate broker who actually functions in the practice of real estate, and has for the last 30 years, Barbara is the right choice.

  • She has a unique expertise among expert witnesses in that she is also a Licensed General Contractor and has an understanding of property defects, which are the most common property complaint in lawsuits.  Because of her "actual practice of real estate" Barbara can effectively relate these defects to what real estate agents should be observing and disclosing in the real estate transaction.  Attorney only experts lack that day to day actual expertise.

  • Barbara can testify as both a real estate and contracting expert in certain cases and has extensive experience in cases involving water intrusion, mold, lead and other environmental issues including land movement.

  • Barbara's considerable business experience and education enables her to prepare complex reports, tables and other analysis often required in cases involving loan fraud, broker valuations, comparable sales analysis, surveys and interviews to support her opinions.

  • In 27 years as an expert witness in hundreds of lawsuits, she has only had to appear in court 29 times, as most of her cases settle after her deposition, saving clients considerable time and money.  Competing experts have even sat in on my depositions to try to find out why I am so effective.

  • Barbara has taught over 17,000 real estate agents in 295 three hour classes, most for license renewal credit for the California Department of Real Estate, how to reduce risk and stay out of court.  She has taught this class in 67 California chapters of Real Estate Associations.

  • Because of her courses in presentation and communication, her three hour class is always well attended and highly rated by attendees.  She is also able to communicate and present to a jury effectively.

  • Barbara is the only broker selected by the National Association of Realtors to write an article on "Broker Standard of Care" for Realtor Magazine, sent to over one million real estate agents in the United States.

Please contact Barbara for her current Curriculum Vitae and Retainer Agreement.

One of Barbara's 17 articles written for the National Association of Realtors is available in a PDF below.  Please ask about her other article topics.


 Areas of Specialization

>Broker/agent standard of care

>Disclosure duties of Brokers and agents

>Creation of duties of agency

>Mortgage and loan issues including activities of hard money lenders

>Boundary and survey issues and disputes

>Neighbor to neighbor disputes

>Developer/builder lawsuits by buyers or investors

>Tenant/landlord disputes

>Lawsuits involving injuries at properties, residential and commercial

>Lawsuits involving duties of Homeowner Associations

>Short sale and foreclosure lawsuits

>Lawsuits involving property management

>Tree and view disputes

>Property stigma cases

>Complex research investigations

>Habitability issues in rental properties

>Contractor licensing and permit requirements

>Issues related to investigation of property condition

>Residential and commercial property

Attorney Testimonials

>"Any attorney that does not hire Barbara Nichols as their real estate expert witness should be found guilty of malpractice"  Cameron Jolly, Mixon/Jolly, Costa Mesa, Ca.

>"Barbara Nichols offers a unique mix of impressive credentials, broad experience and utmost professionalism that combine to provide valuable, effective and superior consulting and expert witness services in our real estate and construction cases"  Roy Ogden, Ogden & Fricks, San Luis Obispo, Ca.

>Our office hired Barbara to provide an evaluation of real estate agent misconduct in regards to an extremely complex and hard fought elder abuse and breach of contract lawsuit.  Barbara did a thorough job describing the malpractice and fraud committed by the real estate agent and was able to articulate the information clearly and calmly on the stand despite hostile cross examination.  Our office and my client, and elderly woman, victimized by a predatory company, were extremely pleased with her efforts on our behalf."  Michael Bock, Law Offices of Michael Bock, Santa Ana, Ca.


Barbara Nichols, educator to Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents "How to Stay Out of Court"

"How to Stay Out of Court" is the premier course in real estate broker/agent risk management.  Lawsuits are the bane of the real estate broker, a major headache and expense.  The right training can eliminate these lawsuits, the bad publicity they bring with them, and the loss of clients because of them.

Special Expertise that Separates Barbara from other Real estate Educators

  • Training in presentation techniques that helps to bond with the audience and keep them fully engaged.  Only an emergency will draw someone out of the class early.

  • Expertise in how to properly use Power Point Presentations geared to the length of the presentation and the audience.

  • Interactive content that gets the audience fully involved.

  • Extensive background and expertise in Risk Management as a national expert.

  • Barbara is an active broker, not just a speaker about real estate, and real estate agents relate to what is being said.

  • Experience in teaching 395, 3 hour classes to 17,000 real estate professionals.

  • Twice a guest speaker at the National Association of Realtors Annual Meeting.

  • Guest speaker for the Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors of the California Association of Realtors at their annual meeting.

  • Writer of the Nationally published book "The No Lawsuit Guide to Real Estate Transactions."

  • Continuing writer on Risk Management topics for the National Association of Realtors, including 17 articles for Realtor Magazine sent to over one million real estate agents in the United States.

Barbara is available to teach Risk Management anywhere in the United States for a fee of $5,000 plus travel expenses.  Eliminate the cost and anguish of lawsuits for your company with this practical, no nonsense class.  Barbara can teach her class for Real Estate Companies, Real Estate Associations and Inspection Associations, as well as E & O Insurers.

"I was never ruined but twice: once when I lost a lawsuit, and once when I won one.  --Voltaire


Teaching a Risk Management Class at the Ventura County Association of Realtors

>Book signing

>Answering questions from class attendees

>Selling my Book "The No Lawsuit Guide to Real Estate Transactions," the 4 CD Risk Management Audio Series and a package of 20 pamphlets entitled "You Must Have Inspection Protection." 

>These products can be ordered by contacting Barbara at BN1633cv@sbcglobal.net


Residential Properties

Residential Properties

Residential Properties


Commercial Properties

Residential Properties

Residential Properties


Real Estate Brokers and Agents

"I really enjoyed the 3 hour class and absorbed as much as I could.  I am continuing my education with your CDs (4 CD audio series) as well.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience.  It is Priceless."  

Bridget Boland, Broker Associate, Lyon Real estate, Auburn, Ca.

"Your presentation yesterday was great.  The agents have been giving me wonderful feedback.  Thank you again."  

Liz Greenman, Realtor, Training Director, Ascent Real Estate, San Diego, Ca.

"Thank you for the great class on how to keep us out of court.  You are an excellent speaker and very knowledgeable in the subject, real estate, construction, and inspection.  I am so glad you wrote your book!  Thanks again for a most informative and enjoyable class!  I love your book!"

Carolynne Jemes, Broker Associate, Century 21, GRI, SRES, Roseville, Ca.

"In 14 years of attending many similar classes, you have offered the best information yet on the topic of how to stay out of court. Thank you."

Claire Black Slotton, Associate Broker, CRS, Coldwell Banker, Davis, Ca.

Inspectors and Attorneys

"I purchased your book and just wanted to tell you it was EXCELLENT and I agreed with all your points as an inspector...I will be referring it to my friends and associates."

Justin Watts, American Dream Home Inspection, Ca.

"Barbara, you are awesome!  Well done."

Joe Nernberg, Property inspector, Amerispec, Simi Valley, Ca.

"My broker associate and I had the pleasure of hearing you speak yesterday in Riverside.  We were thoroughly impressed by your keen knowledge, professionalism and hands on experience.  We are greatly appreciative of the meaningful and practical tips you provided in the area of risk management."

Marina Dini, Law Offices of Bastian & Dini, Los Angeles, Ca.